Cezar Production Company is one of key producers of construction finish materials. Cezar company started its business activity in the sixties and dynamic development noted from 1997 when green field plant with latest technology machineries was erected on the Suwalki Special Economic Zone in Ełk.

Dynamic development and innovation products led Cezar to establish Cezar Group, which objective is further development based on implementation of new technologies and products.

Leading activities aiming at improvements of product features, ISO 9001 quality system was implemented in 2002. That strengthened company’s position on the market. Complex quality control in process and products results supreme satisfaction of clients.

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About CEZAR main production plant in Ełk
About „CEZAR – NORD PLAST” underlays production plant in Suwałki
About PS skirting boards and PVC wall panels production plant in Ełk

The company's commercial offer includes:

  • skirting boards (made from PVC, MDF, solid wood, polystyrene, aluminum),
  • underlays for floorings (XPS, PE, defibrated wood, natural cork),
  • carpeting trims,
  • profiles for ceramic tiles and terracotta,
  • profiles for wood walls,
  • wall panels, PVC soffits,
  • stairs nosing, door step trim, T-joint, transition and decorative profiles,
  • standard and construction profiles.

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